The 2019-2020 Legislative Sessions have created tax fatigue for Oregonian.  Vineeta has signed and submitted a pledge for no more new taxes.  The taxes and fees we currently have must reviewed and either removed or reallocated.  She understand that taxes are necessary to run our state and country but over-taxation is not necessary and she makes a pledge to do her best to reallocate or remove burdensome taxes.


Vineeta will work to protect our rights to carry arms, both openly and concealed.  The Second Amendment gives us the right to do so and it must be preserved and honored.  Additionally, the Red Flag law is a dangerous tool that is to vulnerable to being used as an emotional weapon.  It is too ambiguous and must also must be prevented.


As the mother of two Army veterans, one of which still serves in the National Guard, Vineeta understands the need to serve those who have served our country. As State Representative, she will make sure veterans have access to the resources they need.


Oregon’s HD32 contributes to the state significantly by employing many people and providing different goods.  Vineeta will work tirelessly on behalf of our industries; timber farming, dairy, fishing, hospitality, rock quarries, cranberries, among others.  These are all dependent on trucking  to get our goods to suppliers and supplies to our industries.  These are the jobs that we all work at and helps us to provide for our families.


Our Parental Rights are under attack with the mandatory vaccination.  The misinformation that is provided to the public is dangerous to our children.  They have a significant number of added ingredients that are entirely unnecessary and are extremely dangerous.  It has been recently found that the fact that vaccinations have indeed been found to cause Autism.  While some still state that it does not,  an article from October 2009 in NaturalNews.com states, ” There is also a strong connection between all forms of vaccinations and autism.” A parent must have the right to choose if their child should be vaccinated or not.    Additionally,  SB 526 passed in Oregon’s 2019 Session, requires the Oregon Health Authority to mandate nurse home visits to newborns.  This is an invasion of privacy.  Parents take their newborns in for their six-week check ups and that should be enough.